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Gold Can’t Find a Bottom

Gold closed below $1,200 today and the sentiment in the market continues to drop.  Anyway you slice it, this market wants to go lower. You could blame it on Bernanke calling an end to the easy money policies, but those … Continue reading

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Unit 2 Macro: The History of Bubbles

A super resource from the Economist. KAL, The Economist’s resident cartoonist and animator, explains the dangerous history of bubbles.A bubble is said to happen when the prices of securities or other assets rise so sharply and at such a sustained rate … Continue reading

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Oil prices: The triple-digit barrel

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Secrets, lies and America’s spies Fly Title:  Oil prices Rubric:  Are high oil prices here to stay? Main image:  But priced in Saudi Arabia But priced in Saudi Arabia SCRATCH the surface of the … Continue reading

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Commodity prices: Rocks for the long run

SINCE late last year commodity prices have been on a long, slow downward slide. Yet many in the markets, like Jeremy Grantham, a British money manager, reckon that the commodity-price spike of the past decade is but a taste of … Continue reading

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