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Economics and markets: Have investors stopped worrying about China and oil?

IN THESE days of 24/7 news channels, attention spans have become shorter. So I ask readers to cast their minds all the way back to ancient history—January and February this year in those innocent days when Britain had yet to … Continue reading

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Money talks: Heavy-metal China

OPTIMISM about China's economy has fuelled a resurgence of commodity prices from iron ore to oil. But how long will it last? 20160308 17:13:11 Comment Expiry Date:  Wed, 2016-03-23 View full post on Commodity Markets

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China and commodities: Cornering the markets

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  Europe’s future in Greece’s hands Fly Title:  China and commodities Rubric:  How China continues to reshape the world of commodities Main image:  20150704_FNP001_0.jpg THE world’s biggest consumer of commodities is no longer just an … Continue reading

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Commodities Relying on China

This week was a seesaw act, as the commodity markets reacted to news that China was “on again” and then China was “off again.” The week started with a feeling that China’s growth was slowing and that would be bad … Continue reading

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